Dev Bhardwaj

Experience was good overall. The massages and steam were quite relaxing. Food tasted delicious, the staff and Dr. Maurya were of great help.

Rekha Srivastava

It was my best experience. Now I can say everybody should come here to take benefit of health. Person will feel light & active. Every person requires cleansing of the body in every 6 months.

I hope that soon there will be one room for meditation & an isolated area for peace.

Aditya Batra Delhi

My experience with Indo German was quite positive. I have achieved an overall weight loss of 7.5 kgs and I am also feeling fresher. I would highly recommend them for Naturopathy as they have really well trained personnel’s and the attitude which everyone carries is quite friendly. I would have loved to come here on a regular basis if the prices were reduced a bit. Overall I would give them a 9/10 rating.

Sudershan Choudhry Delhi

The very first day of my visit I and my husband were enthusiastic about the treatment and homely atmosphere we were given. We both are satisfied and hope that I, the patient, feel hopeful about the future of my illness. I had a very positive first impression when I entered the clinic for the first time with my husband. The therapy section is always clean. I would suggest them to start meditation sessions. This will really be nice.

Raghavendran Nishaagopal

I had a very positive impression when I came for the first time. It was my second time here I am satisfied with the health improvements.

Swati Tyagi

This was such a relaxing period with a wonderful team. Feel much lighter than before.

Ravinder Sareen Delhi

Very good and very comfortable. The treatment was done by experts. Feeling very comfortable. Quite a bit of improvement seeing the severity of the problem. Hope to get rest of things done in future also. Extremely satisfied with the overall experience I had during the therapy. Treatment execution was nicely done with a smiling face.

Renu Batranerma

My basic purpose to join Indo German was for the Weight Loss. I couldn't achieve as much Weight Loss as I had hoped for but in spite of that I found the therapy very good & felt that my entire body has rejuvenated. I intend joining again & hope I lose weight in the meantime. I will follow the diet that Dr. Maurya has designed. Doctor is excellent & so is the staff.

Girish Chand

A wonderful experience. I was never inclined towards naturopathy, but now I will try to follow throughout my life.

Sujata Grover

I had a very positive feeling when I visited the centre for the first time. The centre is very clean & has a very positive set up. Had a very good experience. Very satisfied with the health improvement.

Dr. Bharti Paliwal New Delhi, India

Dr. Krishna Maurya is knowledgeable and compassionate in his methodology & approach to understand what a patient needs to regain health. I have experienced positive results of his treatments right from the start. Dr. Maurya has helped me to stay on track and to know that my health goals are achievable. I am thankful for knowing such a well rounded Naturopath who holds such high integrity for helping others.

Harish Sharma

Doctor Maurya - Very knowledgeable; povides good insights.

Therapist (Hardev) - Calm, gentle, professional with firm yet gentle touch; very respectful.

Facilities - All facilities are good. Equipment is up to date.

Staff - Everyone is kind and smiling.

Sumita Akhaury Sahay

The overall experience in the centre was very peaceful. The staff is excellent, environment very clean and food very well prepared. Doctor Maurya has excellent knowledge of my complicated health condition & provided customised therapy - which was commendable. Very homely atmosphere, keep it up. The therapists and receptionist were excellent. Very good experience; will come back soon.

Martina Ketterl

I really enjoyed all treatments very much and I could relax totally. Afterwards, I felt tired, relaxed and in a good mood. Every day I was looking forward to the treatments and I was happy to meet all the friendly people in a familiarly atmosphere. Except for enema; and even this was not as bad as expected. The food was good too.

RN Chhabra

The premises provides a peaceful and holistic environment, which helps in the entire treatment.

Bernhardette Anna Germany

Several members of my family suffer from ‘Varicose Veins’ and I was being informed by several doctors/specialists in Germany that it is genetic and ‘one can’t do anything about it’. By mid 2015 one of my veins had turned completely black and was scheduled to be surgically removed. Before that I traveled to India, also to consult Dr. Krishna. He then commenced a 12 day treatment for me and on the 9th day I could already feel blood flow returning into this very vein and its natural colour also started to return; besides other positive impacts that his treatment has given me! It is incredible what his treatments can achieve and I am already looking forward to visit him again in September to achieve further improvements.

Priyanka Jain

Dr. Maurya is an extremely talented and patient person. I have had a fantastic experience at the centre. I came for weight loss and I am going with a complete body cleansing which I realised was greater than any weight loss programme. Thank you for the warm 12 days. The entire team is superb! Always maintain this quality and professionalism. A big thumbs up to the team!

Aditya Mehra

It was a very good experience with everyone and got to learn a lot through it. Would be visiting quite often here. The therapist (Prasad) assigned to me executed the treatment very nicely. He had good communication & offered very good service.

Neema Puri Mumbai, India

I came to the Indo-German Natural Health Center with a number of chronic problems. My fingers were in bad shape and very painful; even touching them was not bearable. With the treatment they are already much better within 14 days and I have the confidence that I am now well on the way to recovery. During the course of the treatment my frequent migraines as well as the strength in my legs have improved as well. It has been a good experience; I am all praise for the staff here & especially Dr. Krishna. I do recommend giving it a try, one will not regret it.

Ranjana Madan

Overall good experience. Pleasant staff; food excellent.

Dhiraj Sahay

Dr. Maurya is quite knowledgeable with natural treatment methods and provides personal attention. His advice has definitely helped. Centre is clean and well-kept with relaxing environment. Food provided by the centre as per treatment is of good quality and this is what sets it apart from other centres.

Manveer Kaur Anand

Verypleasant healing sessions.

Siddharth Pathak Delhi

The treatment was good. I think the therapy really helped me understand my own body a lot better. I would think having some yoga sessions at the centre would be very helpful for all the patients. Overall experience with the treatment was extremely satisfying. Though I would like to know more about the reasons for different treatments. The only thing I would suggest is that if music is played it should be soothing and oil radiators should be used for heating if required. Rest everything was great!

Renu Batra Delhi

My overall the experience was very good. I felt that my entire body has rejuvenated. I intend joining again and hope I lose weight in the meantime. I will follow the diet that Dr. Maurya will say. Dr. is excellent and so is the staffs.

Upasna Handa

Alternative therapy (Neti, Acupuncture) have helped me clear my sinus issues and I am looking forward to hopefully get rid of my tinnitus very soon as well!

Ruchika Misra U.S.A

Very good and positive experience, even though it was short. Treatment area and appliances are clean & hygienic; therapists are competent and friendly also. Food was good. Overall experience has been positive. Doctor has also been helpful in guidance and treating issues.

Navjeet Sharma

Very happy with the experience and results. Thank you so much.

Aruna Kohli

My experience has been good and very positive. The help from Dr. Maurya and Archana did help me to gain confidence. I think that certainly I will become well. I am extremely satisfied with the overall experience I had during my treatment.

Anjali Varma

It has been a blessing and an honour to meet meet Dr. Krishna and take the treatment as advised by him. Rarely does one meet a doctor who is kind, knowledgeable, attentive and so sincere! I am so thankful for the experience.

Preeti Chadha

When you walk in with a problem that everyone says has no cure, and are met with a host of positive minds who believe and make you believe, a quarter of the recovery has been covered already. I was impressed by the openness to sharing, displayed by each individual I met here. The individualised daily therapy has helped me quite a bit with my problem and has shown me quite a bit with my problem and has shown me there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am now optimistic and confident that I shall be free of any kind of limitations soon. THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU HERE.

Ian Kenny Jersey, UK

Last year I traveled to New Delhi to be treated by Dr Krishna for obesity. I spent 13 days under his care during which time I lost 13kg; with hardly any physical exercises and while receiving 3 full meals a day! I managed to lose a further 18kg since then, simply by following his dietary advice and I’m planning to visit again soon.

Pradeep Kumar

Came to know about this place from German Spring Fest. The first impression was very positive, very clean. I am certain that the knowledge gained throughout the therapy including diet chart will help me to maintain my health.

Col. Navin Mohan

I got to know about this place through Mr. Lambert Kroeger. I was very uncertain when I visited the centre for the first time. But it changed when I saw the overall environment & cleanliness of the centre. You get a very positive feeling when you enter the centre. The therapist assigned to me was very good. He executed the treatment very nicely. I am extremely satisfied with the health improvements achieved here. And I do feel that the knowledge gained throughout the therapy including diet chart will certainly help me in maintaining my health.

Narinder Sondhi

I started off with expectation at all, as I had no specific agenda or ailment. I took the detox programme for 6 days and I think the management should rephrase the name of programme as " Detox & Rejuvenation." The therapist (Prasad) assigned has a very positive attitude; he is a huge asset. A big Thumbs Up to everyone at centre, at the front desk and at the back (kitchen / housekeeping).

Anita Mohanty

A nice & relaxing detox, enjoyed my 6 day package. I will surely tell others about the centre and the experience I had, and most probably come again at a future date. Thank you!

Sumedha Thareja Dwarka

My experience here was good. I looked up to coming here in the morning. People are friendly and the environment is cool, which I guess is a very important part. Also, my therapist made me comfortable and was very accommodative and nice as well as caring. She is really good at what she does. Got to know about good clean eating habits and will look forward to doing this again. Thank you. 

Raj Bala Singh (67) Ghaziabad, India

I am suffering from Diabetes 2 & Sarcoidosis since 5 years and during this time I have received treatments from India’s most reputed clinic & other CGHS empanelled hospitals in NCR Delhi. In April I was hospitalised as I had become very weak. By this time I received heavy doses of various medications and was finally being advised to go for dialysis due to high sugar levels and kidney malfunctioning. I decided to try instead a treatment at the Indo-German Natural Health Centre. Within 15 days of my treatment I have not only improved my overall health and reduced my medicine intake; but most importantly there - now there is no need of dialysis.

Hemant Chawla Delhi

Extremely satisfied with the overall experience during my therapy. Very positive environment. Extremely satisfied with the health improvements so far with the treatment that I had. I have certainly gained the knowledge throughout the therapy that will help me in improve my health.

Raghu Rajagopal Chennai, India

As a patient of a few autoimmune conditions, namely Asthma, Psoriasis and Crone’s disease; for all of which modern medicine did not offer me much hope or solutions other than popping (immune suppressant) pills for the rest of my life. Although I am a believer in the power of the body to heal itself, I was lacking the direction and information necessary to do so. Therefore I decided to take the 15 day treatment at Indo-German Natural Health. Within a few days I stopped taking pain killers for the first time in years and even today, weeks after finishing the treatment I do not need that medication anymore! Dr. Krishna has truly been both a healer and a teacher and patiently answered my many questions. Not only did I feel much better but I also came out with a wealth of knowledge of self healing and treatment. The treatments and equipment here are at par if not better than many other leading health centers and I highly recommend his treatment if you want to heal yourself naturally.

Trilesh Jain

You get a very positive feeling when you enter the centre for the first time. The set up & overall environment of the centre is positive. The therapist assigned to me was positive & she had a very good communication. I am satisfied with the health improvements & the diet chart given to me will certainly help me in maintaining my health.

Puja Tewary

Right from the start till the end -it's been a wonderful experience. I feel lighter, brighter, happier & healthier. I have already worked out my calendar & hope to be back in July. The meticulous way of Dr. Maurya, the charming & helpful staff including Anila, Archana & Neelu & yes the special effects of Lambert; the great therapy sessions - all makes it an experience that makes one want to say "Encore!". - Thank you all!

Nisha Jain Delhi

Although at first I wasn’t sure of the benefits of naturopathy but I now feel fortunate to have met and been counselled by Dr. Krishna. My total experience here is positive. I always feel comfortable with the Dr. & my therapist Archana. Hopefully, this will bring a significant improvement in my life. I got to know about this place through one of my friend. The overall environment and set up of the centre is quite positive. The therapist assigned to me was very nice and did the treatment very nicely.