Obesity or Weight Loss Programme

Very few health issues or topics are as important and frequently discussed, as ones weight, be it the supposed ‘ideal’ or the unwanted over weight. Immense knowledge reservoirs are available, as varied as one can possibly imagine, and even more than that. From books, to videos, dozens of widely published diets, regimes and ever increasing exercises – today nearly everyone in our societies has near unlimited access to all of the above-mentioned.weight-loss-2036969_1280

However, despite it all – there is hardly any health situation with which more people continue to struggle, to get frustrated and eventually often permanently ‘defeated’ by, than those pasty extra pounds & kilos! The logical and probably most important question is > How is it possible that so many don’t manage to master this (usually self-chosen!) task to reliably lose extra weight? The reasons are manifold, but most of them have one in common >> they often remain unknown to the one person who really needs to know > the individual who wants to lose weight!

We therefore will not get into any ‘lecture’ on why one should lose extra weight and what the health benefits are if one does, because the reader of this piece most likely knows this already, very well. Instead we will focus on why our Weight Loss Therapies *work so very well, *are so comparatively easy to follow through & * how we enable you to maintain and even further improve your weight even after the therapy is completed.

After taking every single health conditions of yours (be it diseases, allergies, or any other health history of yours and your immediate family!) into account, we will design a tailor-made therapy plan for you. In most cases this includes a (usually urgently required!) detoxification, a host of specific treatments, mostly including mud packs, a variety of massages, steam baths, hip baths, etc. and in every case a very specific, individually put together diet that we will provide throughout your therapy. In most cases this will not include any heavy physical activity, especially not at the beginning. We will de-clog, detoxify and thereby re-balance your digestive system, which in any case needs to be the basis & foundation of a meaningful, long-term sustainable weight loss program. obese-3011213_1280

Throughout the therapy you will have as many detailed discussions, question & answer sessions and in-depth conversations as you want/require, which will be the needed factual knowledge for you in order to understand why the situation has developed in the past as it did, and how you can now easily control and permanently improve it as per your wish. Within 2 weeks itself you will already lose substantial weight, gain substantial knowledge, and experience substantial overall health benefits (often better sleep, reduced snoring, reduced breathlessness, reduced bloating etc) and improvements. Your energy levels will visibly improve, and you will feel the desire to continue this amazing journey; now with a clear route ahead of you.