Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are not just impacting the individual due to changed looks and appearances of the legs, but they are also lowering ones stamina and overall fitness, and eventually will result in excruciatingly painful episodes. Symptoms of building up (potential) for Varicose Veins are usually

Varicose Veins

  • Visibly swollen blood vessels in the skin .
  • Discolouration like veins being dark purple or blue.
  • Cramping of your legs, even without any excessive walking or exercise.
  • Veins appear to be kind of twisted & start to bulge.
  • Worsened discomfort, and later on pain after sitting or standing for longer durations.
  • Irregular itching sensations, which does not relent even with continued scratching.

As per conventional medical teachings there is no cure, or even reasonable improvements for these conditions; and in an enhanced stadium many are forced to opt for excruciatingly painful surgical removals of entire veins.

We have a track record of highly successful treatments of Varicose Veins; even in cases of dark black veins, with no apparent blood flow left in them. Cases where doctors strongly advised to undergo surgeries to get them removed. Not only did these cases drastically improve, regain blood flow and mobility, but also managed to continue further improvements long after our therapy with the knowledge and techniques that we provide out patrons throughout the therapy.

Our Treatments are in accordance with established Naturopathy knowhow and always include a specific, well tasting Diet. Besides detoxifying your entire body, and especially your blood vessels and tissue, we will work with

  • Special Mud therapy
  • Herbal preparation & application
  • Water therapy and Hydrotherapy
  • Specific Yoga Exercise
  • Breathing Exercises for improve oxygen levels and blood flow.

Within days you will experience

  • Pain Relief.
  • Reduction of the chronic Inflammation
  • Cramps will be less frequent and eventually stop altogether.
  • Itching will be less

By way of applying your learned knowledge and continuing to apply simple leg wraps and other easy to follow advice you will definitely achieve several long-term benefits, including

  • Returning of proper Blood Flow in the effected veins and area
  • Pain will be relieved
  • The appearance of your legs, including colouration and prominence of your veins and surrounding areas will become lighter, natural.