In conventional understandings, Rejuvenation means ‘reversal of ageing’. In a practical way it means – delaying of ageing processes, repair of the damage that is associated with / caused by ageing; or in other words, replacement of damaged tissue with new tissue. Telling symptoms that one acutely requires to undergo an effective Rejuvenation Therapy are:

  • Continuous or extended phases of acute tiredness and lack of one’s normal energy levels; unusually feeling of laziness that one finds increasingly difficult to overcome.
  • A variety if indications of a potential hormonal imbalance.
  • Apparent lack of natural glow or lively radiation on your face;
  • Looking older than ones actual age
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Mood swings/ Hot flashes/ Night sweats
  • Decreased Stamina
  • Decreased Libido

During the courses of our immensely impactful Rejuvenation Therapies, which follow a Naturopathy and truly Holistic Health Approach we

  • remove physical matter (like toxins, waste deposits, etc.) from the body that by its presence hinders normal body functions, and in many cases causes additional harm by way of releasing toxins into the body (tissue, blood stream, muscle, etc.). Without a regular removal of these matter every other measure for rejuvenation will have very limited and short impact, if any.
  • balance physical, mental and emotional energies, input as well as output in such a way, as the individual requires to be in a relaxed and fully functional state.
  • provide input (through special diet, knowledge & teaching individually suitable exercises) that enable the individual to maintain the now ongoing rejuvenation process in order to attain maximum benefit.


The wide variety of treatments will include various kinds of massages, mud packs of different compositions, Hydrotherapy (various kinds of full tub baths, hip baths, specific Diet therapy including specific Fruits & Herbs, master cleansing, yoga & meditation.

Within days you will not only experience increased energy levels, but feel calm and relaxed at the same time. Your looks and appearance will be visibly enhanced within a surprisingly short time as well!

Within due course your hormonal balance will be reinstated, your skin will visibly recuperate, glow and feel soft and your muscle tone will improve, your entire appearance will change, not just be looking younger and even your overall stamina will improve as your body is now in balance and functional at its best potential.