Pain Management
Millions of people suffer from either reoccurring or constant pains. Most have attempted with more than 1 or 2 different methods and treatments to reduce and ideally eliminate the pain; but in many cases with very little, or no lasting effect. It is important to understand that pain can only reduce or vanish, if the root cause, the ultimate reason that causes the pain will be eliminated! Pain suppressing medication or superficial treatments of the paining areas cannot achieve that.

At Indo-German Natural Health we first analyse and examine in great detail the physical conditions, personal & family history, lifestyle, habits, circumstances, food intake and more. Only once this examination & analysis is concluded, and a clear root cause (or causes) has been identified, will we start any therapy. Your Therapy will then be tailor-made, exactly aiming at the causing factors of your pains, taking into account all of the above-mentioned. Depending on the individual requirements our doctors will prescribe a number of specific treatments that our experience therapists will then apply. Some of these natural treatments can be

  • Panchkarma Treatments
  • Sujok
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Light massages of affected areas
  • Yog Asanas
  • Acupuncture/ Acupressure
  • Diet Therapy
  • Mind body techniques
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Special Insoles or Footwear for specific foot problems
  • etc

One vitally important common benefit of all our treatments is that they do not have any negative side effects. In beautifully effective ways we will tackle the triggers as well as the resultant problems they have caused and thereby also the symptoms. Immediate as well as long-term improvements are of course dependent on the particular health situation of the individual. However, in nearly every treatment immediate positive impacts are being experienced, and as mid & long-term achievements *improvements of the range of movements/motions, * with that confidence to return to a more active life, & * an overall improvement of Quality of Life will be achieved!

You will gain clear picture of the possibilities of Your Therapy once you meet our Doctors for Your detailed Examination.