Kidney Disorder

The immense importance of well-functioning kidneys is well known to everyone. With a malfunctioning kidney, or worse – if both are affected acute health problems like the following ones are inevitable:

  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Hematurea
  • UTI
  • Polycystic disease of kidney
  • Acute kidney failure and many more

As with any other ailment as well, it is very important that one tries to observe one’s health and tries to detect symptoms (in other words: indicators!) in order to ideally prevent actual health problems; or at least detect them at an early stage as it is so much easier, faster and with greater chances for successful reversals of ailments, compared to the usual approach of ignoring the obvious until there is no way out anymore! Rather telling indicators of potential kidney problems are:

  • Frequent swelling of your ankles
  • Weakness
  • Poor sleep
  • Vomiting (for no apparent reason)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Abnormal Heart rhythms

What is hardly known to most is that there is a lot that one can do in order to a.) prevent kidney problems in the first place; and b.) to help them to recover if a problem has already developed!
The starting point for any meaningful treatment and therapy is that the root causes of the problem have to be identified; which in the case of kidney ailments can be lifestyle related, a toxic overburden, sluggish functions of another organ that puts additional burden on your kidney etc. Once our doctors concluded their analysis your therapy will be designed accordingly. It nearly always includes a complete detoxification process of your entire body, as any waste deposits, any abnormal functioning oy any other organ are bound to put additional pressure on your kidneys. Specific, natural methods of de-clogging and cleansing your kidneys, with a very good potential of removing kidney stones will be employed. In addition you will receive a special and very tasty diet from our cooks; and we will also teach you how easily these dishes can be prepared so that you can continue to maintain and further improve your health well after the therapy is completed.