Immunity Therapy

Is it cold, common flu, mild fever or some health issue that keeps popping up at regular intervals that is not only perturbing, but completely spoils your routine? If yes, then it is a clear sign of a weak immune system, which will further worsen if not given immediate attention.

What is immunity? It is defined as the ecological relationship between your habitat and the body, and the way in which they interact. This interaction holds the key. The healthy interaction will maintain the balance of the body, mind and soul while an unhealthy interaction will pave way for innumerable diseases, reducing the body’s ability to fight foreign bodies that might attack us. A strong immune system galvanizes the cooperation of numerous cells, organs and chemicals to work coherently to protect us against disease. To retain immunity it is strongly recommended to have:


  • Balanced doshas
  • Balanced digestion
  • Balanced emotions
  • Reduced toxins
  • Uninterrupted channelisation of circulation
  • A strong heart
  • Nourished tissues
  • Healthy lifestyle


If the way of living is not in accordance to our body specific, individual needs, sooner or later it ought to attract a negative response. It will affect our digestion, the cardiovascular system, our muscles, bones, nervous system, reproduction, our immunity and body as a whole. Undergoing Immunity Therapy will not only let your body attain its natural form, beauty & health, but will treat/heal any possible imbalance in your body by itself.

It is never too late to resort to restorative measures, when we talk about healing our body. The remedial therapy will help you to live in harmony with nature. It will provide your body with sufficient sustenance not just on the physical but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels helping you recapture, reclaim and repossess your vigour and increased energy levels.