Benefits of & Reasons for Detoxification

Diabetes, the ‘silent killer’, as people call it, who understand what it really does to the human body. What makes this disease so very dangerous is the fact that in most cases people can ‘comfortably’ continue their life, by just taking a few pills or tiny injections; as if everything is ok. And that is exactly what millions of people do > continue to live in exactly the same way that has caused the ailment in the first place, and which will eventually bring immense, pain, suffering, and a host of extreme health problems. And that despite the fact that most of this is actually avoidable!!

The first difficulty is to detect the development at an early stage, when it is actually relatively easy to contain and in many cases completely reverse Diabetes. Some of the potentially indicative symptoms are:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive hunger
  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue/ tired easily
  • Blurred vision
  • Poor wound healing
  • Unwanted Weight loss

To get tested for Diabetes is very easy today. To then understand that it is up to you, and usually completely within your control how this ailment will, or will not develop any further > that is far more difficult as most main stream medical magazines, companies and practitioners will tell you ‘There is nothing you can do; this is now your reality.’ Luckily, it does not necessarily have to be this way.

It is ‘understood’ by most that your diet will play a major role now; however, most who recognise this part, still don’t actually know what this means; especially what can be achieved in your individual case!

Our Diabetes Therapies are far more than just medically sound diet advice. We will balance and strengthen your entire body and system, digestive tract and all other vital parts. This will be achieved with a variety of Naturopathy Treatments, incl. various hydrotherapy treatments like contrast baths & packs; compresses on Liver & Pancreas, Foot & Arm bath with Epsom Salt or Herbs for taking care of your extremities, Massage of various kinds & Steam Baths, and more. We will also train, explain and engage in specific forms of Yoga & Exercises, which simply cannot be ‘same for all’ but needs to be as per your individual requirement and abilities.

These highly effective therapies will be completed by your Special Diet / Herbs/ Vegetables (all organic & pure!) which our in-house Naturopathy trained cooks will provide for you. During the course of your therapy you will thereby easily learn and understand what kind of diet will really work for you, benefit you and support you. General Diet Advise is just not good enough for this kind of complex health condition!

We enable you to fully understand how you can manage your life, how to contain, and in many cases actually reverse Diabetes completely! This can obviously not be guaranteed for everyone, as it is dependent on your personal health situation as well as your determination and willingness to learn the basics. Having said this – You will be surprised about the amazing variety of delicious food that will be available to you throughout and you will experience a renewed quality of life.

Immediate Benefits-

  • Maintenance of normal blood glucose level
  • Immediate & better control of your symptoms
  • Fatigue/ tiredness will be controlled
  • No side effect of any kind on the body

Mid & Long Term Benefits-

  • Safety from damaging of important organs like Kidney, Liver, Eyes, Extremities
  • Person can live normal healthy life with proper energy and without tiredness
  • Safety from Erectile Dysfunction