Benefits of & Reasons for Detoxification

We are constantly being exposed to Environmental Hazards, be it through air, water or food. The extent of toxicity and indigestible particles is now far beyond what the human body’s capacity to cope with, filter out or release by itself. Hence, even when one tries to live healthy, our in-built filtration & cleansing systems (skin, kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic systems, etc.) simply can’t manage to flush out\release many of these matters. As a result a lot of them accumulate and get permanently stored in joints, organs and tissue (with increasing age individuals accumulate several kilogram!); especially in our digestive tract many foor matter are being stuck for weeks, & even months!! It is obvious that over time these deposits not only physically hinder normal body functionality but also leak a lot of toxicity; which in turn damages organs, destroys body tissue and continuously weakens your immune system.

Among other impacts, the following ailments develop & worsen as a result of the above-mentioned factors:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Kidney & Liver ailments
  • Fertility Problems
  • Change in metabolism & a variety of resultant digestive disorders, incl. IBS & Crohn’s Disease
  • Sleep Disturbances & a host of ailments related to lack of quality sleep
  • Immune Deficiency & Auto-Immune Disorders, which in turn leads to the development of dozens of ailments (incl. increased instances of flue\colds, etc.) and the certain worsening of all health situations
  • Neurological Disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Certain Cancers, incl. Breast Cancer

Knowing that the above-mentioned factors are to a large extent the root causes of many ailments it also means that one can factually delay, slow down and often even completely prevented diseases!

In other words, the human body has an urgent requirement for something that is common practice for the proper maintenance of water filters, car engines, etc. > a regular cleansing & maintenance of our internal ‘filters’; i.e. liver, kidney, intestine, tissue, veins, skin etc.!

Health experts therefore strongly recommend that besides the obvious health improving steps (eating organically grown food, clean water, destress, exercising, using air purifiers in highly polluted areas) one should undergo a properly coordinated and implemented detoxification on a regular basis; ideally 1-2 times a year.
During our guided Detox Therapies will remove toxins & waste material from your vital organs, especially your liver, kidney, skin and your entire digestive tract (including master cleansing, which cleans your stomach as well as your small & large intestine). By achieving this your digestion will be balanced again, your blood flow will improve, muscles and all tissues will rejuvenate and return to normal functionality.
As a logical and automatic result you will experience Heightened Energy Levels, a Healthy & often Younger Appearance, will successfully prevent a host of otherwise inevitable diseases and will most certainly enjoy a greatly improved Quality of Life!