Symptoms of (rheumatic) Arthritis are often neglected, and eventually being accepted as a ‘given’; internally being justified due to ‘age’, ‘heritage’ or just ‘circumstances. In most cases people rather quickly take these conditions as ‘unavoidable’ and ‘inescapable’; for reasons mentioned above.

Some of the most common, early symptoms are:

  • Pain & stiffness in joints
  • Impairment in the functioning of Liver
  • Increased after exercise – affected parts are often spine & knee
  • Persistent pain & stiffness in one or more joints
  • Do you suffer chronic constipation
  • Minor joint swelling
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Dry mouth

If you experience continuous, or very frequently reoccurring issues as mentioned-above, this may well be early indications. The good news is that, as is the case with most (chronic) health conditions, can be greatly improved if not reversed! Of especial importance is that one undertakes


  • conscious efforts early on to do something about it (which does not mean to just try and suppress it with medication, but to pro-actively try to improve and maybe reverse it
  • try to understand the factual root cause of this health condition in my personal case – not just general data, hearsay or so-called ‘advise’ like “there is no specific reason” or “it just happens sometime” or “at this stage it is too late in any case”! That is no advise at all, it is a negative excuse for not knowing.

Once the root cause(s) is/are being identified, and once you work with someone who really understands how & why such root cause(s) result in the damage they do, then you have a very realistic chance to achieve long-term and continuous improvements. In many cases othersie unavoidable surgeries are then actually not needed!

Dr. Maurya and his team of doctors and therapists will design their individual therapies as per their in-depth analysis and your feedback. In many cases the triggering root causes can actually be remove /eliminated, which in turn will lead to substantial lessening of the pain, immobility and other symptoms! We cannot guarantee a complete reversal of every condition, but we usually achieve improvements that the individuals could not achieve with several other methods. And yes, in some cases the pain does stop and other conditions get normalised.

Immediate Benefits-

  • Pain & stiffness will subside
  • Range of motion will improve
  • Constipation will be relieved

Long term Benefits-

  • Pain & stiffness will be relieved
  • Liver functioning will improve
  • Swelling will be relieved