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‘Real Beauty comes from Within’. This is being said time and again by many. And yet – What does it actually mean? How can one actually achieve ‘lasting natural beauty’?

Leaving aside personal ‘likes’ for any particular type of person, personality or complexion, what nearly everyone perceives as actual beauty about nearly everyone else is if that individual is ‘glowing’, ‘radiant’ and is obviously in good health! Hence, how beautiful you appear to others depends largely on * how healthy you actually are, and * how happy you are. How beautiful you perceive yourself largely depends on how you feel, and how you happy you are with yourself. 

Besides the obvious need to look after your health as such, there are hugely effective natural treatments that will show incredible impacts within just a few sittings! Without any chemicals or usage of artificial items or methods we will treat you internally as well as externally. The near immediate effects are:

• Your skin will look clean & more fresh, healthy and naturally glowing
• You will feel light, energetic and balanced

Your Therapy will be designed exactly as per your current health situation, body & skin type and also what you would like to focus on. Accordingly treatments will include several of the following:

• Massages with Fresh Fruits, Honey, Milk, Flowers will nourish your whole body
• Full Tub Baths with various fresh, organic ingredients, from milk, special salts to oils
• Shirodhara Therapies
• Steam Baths
• Different kinds of Hydrotherapy treatments
• Detoxification
• Usage of specific Aromatic Oil
• Plant Scratch
• Individually adapted Special Diet, consisting of Fresh Organic Fruits Vegetable & Juices

If you feel you deserve to * look younger than your actual age, to * experience high energy levels, * good health, * a truly radiant and positive appearance and with that * a confident and happy feeling about yourself >>> Our Celebration Therapy is exactly what you are looking for!