Indo-German tied up with AbhiBindu

The charm and quaintness of AbhiBindu is reminiscent of a bygone era whilst providing all modern day comforts and conveniences. Emerging from the deep ardor for human relations and meaningful experiences, the AbhiBindu has witnessed with satisfaction, a multitude of precious moments unfolding.

AbhiBindu provides the perfect backdrop to train, learn, imbibe or just relax in its green, quiet, peaceful and intimate setting. It’s been a host to many an experience, ranging from Corporate Training Programs, Mind Body Soul workshops, Overnight Wellness Programs, Yoga retreats, Ideating and Strategy sessions, Food & Nutrition sessions, Spa getaways, Village walks, Musical performances by upcoming talent, Meditation workshops, Poetry reading & Book launches…..our quest to bring new experiences is far from quenched & we look forward to deepening our service levels by associating with you.

With 6 double occupancy rooms, conference & training facilities & a lush garden, AbhiBindu is nestled in greenery in a private nook of Sultanpur, very well located for both Delhi and Gurgaon residents. We are walking distance from the Sultanpur Metro Station as well. The rooms to stay can be hired individually and the villa can be booked in its entirety as well.

The wide range of services at AbhiBindu have now been further enhanced due to the collaboration with Indo-German Natural Health. Their immensely experienced doctors and therapist will be available for consultations as well as individual treatment sessions as the well-equipped Wellness Area at AbhiBindu.