Pure & Eco – The Concept of Indo-German Natural Health

4 Aug 2018

We are happy to share the article about Indo-German Natural Health that has been published in the latest issue of the 'Pure & Eco'. The magazine is dedicated to share knowledge about natural practices and products; dedicated to pure and ecologically sustainable practices. In this article the importance & benefits…

Medicare News – Holistic Healing with Indo-German

4 Aug 2018

The Managing Editor, Mr. Dhananjay Kumar, took time out from his busy schedule to understand more about the concept of Indo-German Natural Health, and how it will be developed further from here on.

TOI NIE – Annual Principals Meeting

4 Aug 2018

Indo-German received the honour of being invited to participate at the annual meeting of School Principals of NCR Delhi that is being organised by the Times Group; with more than 300 individuals attending. Ms. Pooja Anand gave a lecture about how easy it is to learn Sujok methods that can…

Ayurved Sutra – Sujok Therapy

4 Aug 2018

The team of Ayurved Sutra has taken out some time to dwell into the impacts and effectiveness of the Sujok Therapies & Smile Healing techniques that Pooja Anand deploys at the Indo-German Natural Health Center.

Ayurved Sutra – Colon Hydrotherapy

4 Aug 2018

A highly informative interview of Ms. Sonal Mandawewala, certified Colon Hydrotherapist, published in the leading magazine for Natural Healing methods - Ayurved Sutra.

Indo-German tied up with AbhiBindu

10 Feb 2018

The charm and quaintness of AbhiBindu is reminiscent of a bygone era whilst providing all modern day comforts and conveniences. Emerging from the deep ardor for human relations and meaningful experiences, the AbhiBindu has witnessed with satisfaction, a multitude of precious moments unfolding. AbhiBindu provides the perfect backdrop to train,…

Dr. Ranjita Singh, B.N.Y.S.; MBA (H.M.) joined Indo-German

10 Feb 2018

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Ranjeeta Singh (B.N.Y.S.) has joined our Medical Team at the Indo-German Natural Health Center in SDA, New Delhi. Dr. Ranjita Singh successfully completed her certified 5 year course in Naturopathy and Yoga Science (B.N.Y.S., Chhattisgarh) from Pt. Ravi Shankar University, Chhattisgarh 2007.…

Indo-German tied up with Cottage Nirvana

8 Aug 2017

‘Real Beauty comes from Within’. This is being said time and again by many. And yet – What does it actually mean? How can one actually achieve ‘lasting natural beauty’? Leaving aside personal ‘likes’ for any particular type of person, personality or complexion, what nearly everyone perceives as actual beauty…

Ms. Pooja Anand, Sujok Therapist & Lecturer joined Indo-German

31 Jul 2017

Indo German Natural Health Center is happy to introduce one more natural healing therapy. We have with us Pooja Anand, who is a certified Sujok Theraist & Smile Healer. She is a Lecturer and Member of International Sujok Association. She has mastery in Korean therapies Sujok & Smile Taichi. Sujok…