“Indo-German Natural Health” and “Cottage Nirvana” have come together to combine the best natural treatments and facilities right in the lap of the Mukteshwar Himalayas, Uttarakhand.

Cottage Nirvana is a very well established boutique property, spread over more than an acre of therapeutic oak and rhododendron forest and it is surrounded by beautiful fruit orchards. Cottage Nirvana in Mukteshwar is an ideal location for a visitor seeking peace and serenity. Tripadvisor as well as Lonely Planet have awarded their respective “Certificate of Excellence” for the last three years in a row to the property. Aditya Amar, the owner of Nirvana Cottages is part of the OCS Foundation, working closely with extended groups of women farmers and their children in the region.

In this setting of abundant natural beauty and energy Indo-German Natural Health, under the leadership of  Dr. Krishna Maurya and his highly qualified & experienced team will be providing tailor made treatments &  therapies for individuals and groups alike.

The primary focus of the Cottage Nirvana Center will be the following:

  • various kinds of yoga & meditation, which will be taught & guided through resident teachers as well as special workshops and retreats conducted by renowned yogic and spiritual leaders.
  • Detoxification Therapies (incl. a guided course of master cleansing).
  • Rejuvenation Therapies (incl. with fruit massages and other rare practices)
  • Immunity Boosting Therapies (incl. with local medicinal plants & special spring water)
  • Incredibly effective Weight Loss Programs.

You will also benefit from the presence of expert Ashtang Yoga and Meditation teachers at the facility. And of course Vedic farming and Yagna will be an integral part of your daily routine here at Cottage Nirvana.

The Uniqueness of our location in the Mukteshwar Himalayas

India is emerging as the obvious destination for wellness and traditional form of healing for people worldwide. Kerala in south and Uttarakhand Himalayas in the north are ideal places for natural rejuvenation and actual healing. Both Kerala and Uttarakhand Himalayas have the magical power to naturally re-balance the mind, body and soul of the modern day stressed out individuals.

Cottage Nirvana, located in Mukteshwar Himalayas near Nainital offers an extremely conducive environment for this specific purpose.

Mukteshwar, located at an altitude of 2315 meters or 7500 feet (higher than Nainital), is situated in the mountains of Nainital district. The hilltop perch has a most stunning view of the 380 kms range of Great Himalayas. From here, the sun can be seen rising over the peaks of Nepal and setting over the far end of an uncluttered panorama. The hamlet’s name ‘Mukteshwar’ derives from two Sanskrit words: ‘Mukti’ meaning eternal life and ‘ishwar’ another term for God, and refers to an ancient legend in which a demon battles with Shiva, and though the demon is defeated, he attains immortality.

Mukteshwar is also famous as the fruit basket of Uttarakhand region. Several fruits like apples, apricots, peaches, plums, pears and walnuts etc are grown in abundance by the traditional farmers of Mukteshwar Himalayas.

Lambert Kröger, Founder of Indo-German Natural Health and Aditya Amar, Founder of Cottage Nirvana plus the entire team of both ventures endeavour to closely work together for your special experience during your stay at this beautiful property; besides for the betterment of mankind at large.

With this thought & sentiment in mind we would like to share the following beautiful Vedic Prayer:

  • Sarve bhavantu sukhin.
  • Sarve santu niramaya.
  • Sarve bhadrani pashyantu.
  • Ma kashchid dukhbhag bhavet.
  • May all be happy. (sukhinah)
  • May all be free from disabilities. (niramayah)
  • May all look(pashyantu) to the good of others.
  • May none suffer from sorrow. (dukha).