Lambert Kröger

About Lambert Kröger

The idea for the concept of Indo-German Natural Health developed when I tried to find a well-equipped, clean Naturopathy center in Delhi, in order to undergo a professional Detoxification Therapy, without having to stay at the center/resort; and without having to suddenly find different food items or cook different ly during the therapy. After several weeks of searching and visiting several centers and clinics, it became clear that there is no such place in all of NCR Delhi. From this realisation developed the idea – Let’s conceptualise and set up a Center in the heart of the city, where all of the above will be possible!

For this vision of a truly holistic health center to become a practical reality, it requires open-minded doctors, healers and therapists who are specialised in different kinds of treatment modalities and are willing to work together and complement each other’s work.  Different experts from the fields of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Sujok Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Leading Experts of the Organic Food Arena, Life Couches as well as experts with the latest advanced analytical equipment and technology need to be part of such a health team – for a truly Holistic Healing approach.


After the initial phase of developing the protocols, getting to better understand the strengths and limitations of different treatment modalities, we now have the a well-balanced team in place, where the actual, sometimes interlinked root cause(s) of most individuals can be

* reliably identified; &

* individually treated, improved, managed, and often completely reversed!!

A pivotally important factor is that lasting Healing, Reversal of Chronic Ailments as well as Disease Prevention can only be sustainable, if one experiences it while you continue with your usual daily routine! To go for a course in a nice resort surely is refreshing and can be a trigger to change in a positive direction, but it is not a lasting solution. Hence we developed the Indo-German Natural Health Concept to be tailor-made for each individual, to fit into his/her particular daily routine. It therefore consists of:

* a2 hours session per day (for 1, 2 or 3 weeks) at the center;

* at your most convenient time of the day;

* without any waiting times or delays;

* daily consultations with the senior doctors –here you gain detailed knowledge which will equip and enable you to easily maintain and further improve your health – without us.

* you receive bespoke 2 (if needed, 3) bespoke meals as per your exact requirements; prepared by our Naturopathy trained in-house cooks. This makes it extremely easy and experiential for you to follow through and achieve guaranteed results.

From our Flagship Center in Gurugram we are in the process to set up the basis for several more centers, and resorts across the country; in order to cater to Health & Wellness Tourism as well.