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At the Indo-German Natural Health, Dr. Krishna Maurya & his team of experienced Doctors & Therapists treat Chronic Health Conditions, including * Diabetes, * Arthritis, * Varicose Veins, * Digestive Disorders, * IBS, * Crohn’s Disease, * Psoriasis, *Liver & Kidney Diseases and several other ailments.

In addition, our tailor-made * Weight Loss Therapies (without gym & with 3 full meals per day), * Detoxification, * Rejuvenation, * Immunity Boosting and * Pain Management Therapies are documented to achieve incredible results.

The third focus area is pre- & post-surgery therapies. More and more surgeons and other specialists realise that a large percentage of post-surgery complications happen because in cases where the patient has been ill since longer periods of time, the individual’s immunity (and healing power) is not at all in shape for a proper recovery after the surgery. For these kinds of health situations we design and execute extremely impactful therapies, which are immensely beneficial for the patient and even enhance the success of the surgeon/hospital as well.

If the treating doctor of Indo-German Natural Health accepts your case > You are rest-assured to experience positive results within a surprisingly short time!!

Each therapy is being tailor-made as per the exact health conditions, body type, personality and requirements of the treated individual. Accordingly, therapies can include treatments as per * Naturopathy, * Ayurveda, * Reflexology (Acupuncture & Acupressure), * Sujok Therapy * Physiotherapy, * Cupping Therapy, * Ozone Therapy, * Therapeutic Yoga, * Meditation & * Your Diet. Throughout your therapy we provide you minimum 2 individually specific Meals per day. At the end of the therapy you will receive your * Individual Diet & Exercise Chart.

Through the course of your therapy you can consult the doctors as often and for as long as you require, so you will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding about your health situation. With the gained knowledge and your personal Diet Chart you will be fully equipped to maintain and even further improve Your Health!

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